About this site


Hello. Welcome to my personal website. This is where I write about things that interest me, in a place where I can share with others. Things that interest me include our energy predicament, the strange world of grievance-based identity politics, the descent into darkness that is Scottish Separatism, and, more recently, the peculiar sociological phenomenon of COVID-19 hysteria.

I am a rational sceptic, which I regard as the foundation of reason. Writing is how I clarify my reasoning. It’s easy to have an opinion on things; it’s harder to have an opinion that is coherent, logical, and evidence based. Often, I’ll abandon an essay when I realise I still don’t understand the topic well enough to publish it online. This is the value of this website to me.

I write in short-essay form. I’ve no wish to add to disinformation, so I supply references to claims I make to show you where I obtained my information from. You can make your own judgement about my arguments based on them. Like everyone else, I make mistakes, and sometimes I change my mind. For example, I once thought Marxism was a good idea — common enough until you actually study it. But I’m writing in good faith, and I assume that you are reading in good faith. I’m sometimes sharp, but I don’t write in anger.

I provide the ability to comment on my essays, and you can contact me by email. So if you see something obviously wrong, or that you believe is misleading, contact me and we can discuss it. If you simply disagree, leave a comment. Dialogue is how ideas evolve, and consensus is built.

My competence is as a generalist in numerically intensive disciplines. I have an undergraduate degree in Physics and Electronics, and Masters degrees separately in Petroleum Engineering, and in Economics. I speculate on matters outside those areas where my opinion depends on reasoning and data rather than domain-specific knowledge.

Best wishes,

Richard Lyon
Edinburgh, Scotland